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CBT 4 Tinnitus

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Costs Benefits Transaction

Costs & Benefits Transaction
Use the worksheets downloadable in the course content BEFORE attempting to use this electronic Costs & Benefits Transaction. It will help you when you first start. Once you have worked with two or three of them manually, and you are confident in how you are using them, or are ready for some feedback, I look forward to seeing your C & B Transactions arrive over the coming weeks


Item 1: Think about how you feel today. Common examples might include:

  • Frightened/scared/terrified
  • Angry
  • Despairing/desperate
  • Worried
  • Frustrated
  • Useless
  • Depressed

You won’t need to spend long on this, as you know instinctively how you feel!

  • You don't have to use single words as I have done in the list of example feelings, although doing so can help you to better target how you feel
  • Feelings/emotions are rarely experienced independently of others, so expect there to be multiple feelings/emotions

Item 2: Which of the feelings/emotions is the STRONGEST?

Item 3: What causes you to feel like this? (Problem Perspective)


Item 4: How might you view the Problem Perspective differently by using a Recovery Perspective?

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